La Palma Polo Club

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29 junio 2021

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It will be officially open on July 1/2021, we already have visited, and it looks fantastic; for the ones that have used it in the past, it was the Quito Polo Club. New rooms and new social areas are now part of this beautiful property.

It is a Polo Club that offers its property to host high-end clients in the countryside, just 40 minutes from Quito or 15 minutes from the airport. With 15 rooms, a restaurant, bar, two swimming pools, two polo fields where important tournaments and games occur. Horse riding lessons, polo lessons, mountain biking and tennis, are part of their main activities.

Travel Tips:

-We recommend this property for clients that rather be in the countryside in a relaxed place and visit Quito only for the day.

-Ideal for clients who need to be close to the airport (15 minutes) and stay in a cossy place surrounded by nature, instead of a big hotel chain.