Undiscovered Trails

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun".

Alexander Supertramp McCandless

Ecuador has areas that are still almost virgin, full of pristine nature, idyllic and magical landscapes, living and authentic cultures, owners of ancestral customs handed down from generation to generation.

Possessing one of the most diverse sites on the planet with four regions, Galapagos, Coast, Andes and Rainforest, and various ecological niches, they allow the adventure traveller to plunge into the deepest and most exotic of this beautiful region of South America.

Tales of the undiscovered Trails

The adventurer who found a treasure in the Andes mountains

"It was not the first time that the famous Ecuadorian photographer Jorge Juan Anhalzer had ventured into the cliffs and muddy slopes of the Llanganates in search of Atahualpa's lost treasure. This time he had an aerial photograph he took some time before. Showing a hitherto unknown path; it might be the famous Valverde route, described in ancient documents from the time of Spanish colonisation, showing how to reach a valuable cargo of abandoned gold. Anhlazer had never accessed that specific area in the Andean mountains where the Incas are supposed to have abandoned tons of precious metal over 500 years ago. "The legend states that not even a thousand men could carry it all".

"In this mixture of legend and history, you don't know where the magic separates from the real. That's the most beautiful part of the Llanganates," says photographer Jorge Anhalzer with an exhilarating aura. But don't be overconfident. The curse of the Incas is merciless. They would not be the first to lose their lives in the rugged terrain of these mountains, which rise rapidly from 1,200 to more than 4,000 metres above sea level and where there are days when you can barely go more than two kilometres.

Despite the cold and the rain, which only gave them rest for two of the fifteen days, the group found the longed-for Inca trail and reached the lagoon where the treasure rests. But with no time to search. With food stocks running low, survival dictated an immediate return: "You can't eat gold for seven days". And they left, empty-handed, just as they had arrived. The truth is that Anhalzer, an outdoorsman since he was a boy, discovered at the age of nine the thrill of chasing the truth of Inca legends in the Andes mountains, and since then, he says, that has been his greatest treasure."

By El País America – News Paper



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Discovering The Undiscovered

  • Kayak in the andes’ most idyllic lakes and lagoons.

  • Ride from farm to farm through isolated valleys and mountains.

  • Mountain bike in the Avenue of the volcanoes.

  • Look for the spectacle Bear in deep forests.

  • Climb to the highest active volcano in the world.

  • Cook with indigenous families and learn ancient recipes.

  • Paint in the high Andes with famous naive painters.

  • Immerse in ancient rituals with Shuar and Achuar indigenous people in the deep Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.

  • Stay with local families and learn about their culture and habits.

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