Andes Trails

'’Mountains are the beginning and the end of all-natural scenery.”

John Ruskin

Stretching over 600 km from the south of Colombia all the way to Peru, the Ecuadorian Andes are unquestionably, Ecuador and South America’s most magnificent natural attraction.
This region is characterized by its impressive mountain ranges, 74 volcanoes, 5 of them active, snow-capped mountains and its cultural and natural diversity with spans grassy highlands, mountain lakes, rivers, thermal baths, Indigenous nationalities, unique markets, colonial villages with Unesco sites like Quito and Cuenca, and ancient archeological sites.

Both the eastern and western slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes are covered by dense cloud forests that provide an atmosphere of magic and mystery, hiding an enormous variety of birds, orchids, butterflies, countless plants and other animals.

Tales of the Andes

Humboldt's Footsteps & The Avenue of The Volcanoes

Alexander von Humboldt was a German scientist. He was considered one of the greatest geophysicists, botanists, geologists, geographers, naturalists, volcanologists, humanists, and explorers. Humboldt arrived in Ecuador in 1802. During his six-month expedition he crossed the epic Andes, all the way to Quito.
Humboldt’s time in Ecuador included multiple expeditions to the most important mountains such as Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Antisana, Chimborazo, along with others.
Together with Aimé Bonpland, they were great adventurers and expeditionaries. They collected in the territory very important data that contributed to botany, science and ecology, and thousands of species that were new to science.

The closest elevation to the sun from the Earth’s core, the Chimborazo volcano (6310m/20823f), caught the attention of this scientist who dedicated a complete study to this mountain, creating the first infographic document as an innovative source of investigation, where he detailed important data such as: temperature, elevation, vegetation, fauna, etc., comparing it with other vegetation zones and ecosystems in the world.
Amazed by the magnificent beauty and the amount of volcanoes Humboldt named the to the entire Inter-Andean valley that forms the Andes mountain range “Avenue of the Volcanoes”
His trip revealed to the world the scientific importance, diversity, and beauty of Ecuador in all senses, and caught the planet’s interest for other explorers to visit our country.

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Discovering the Andes

  • Hike in the highest active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi.

  • Explore authentic indigenous villages and markets.

  • Visit Quito's unknown mystic monasteries and convents.

  • Explore the most extensive Inca ruins in Ecuador.

  • Horse ride from farm to farm, through pristine and captivating landscapes.

  • Mountain biking through the Andean valleys.

  • Ancestral cooking classes in the northern Andes.

  • Naïve painting lessons in the Avenue of the volcanoes.

  • Weaving lessons in an indigenous village.

  • Participate in traditional indigenous festivals.

  • Stay in old colonial farms from the Spanish times.

  • Share with famous artists in their homes and workshops.

  • Explore Unesco and World Heritage sites like Quito, known as the Florence of South America and Cuenca.

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