¨To visit Ecuador with Gentian Trails is to discover a rich & varied country, breathing in unique cultures, impressive landscapes, & lively wildlife¨.

Visiting the historic centers of Quito and Cuenca and their churches, monasteries, and beautifully restored mansions and walking the narrow streets among architectural treasures from Spanish colonial days is a wonderful way to dig into the cultural splendor of the past.

Beyond the cities, the Ecuadorian landscape and diversity of its four regions: Galapagos islands, The Pacific coast, The Andes mountains, and the Amazon rainforest, unfold in all its astonishing variety.

Historic and elegant ranches located in peaceful and pastoral valleys or timeless mountain villages like Zuleta, unique lodges in the rain or cloud forests, charming towns on the coastland with great beaches and magnificent sunsets, luxurious expedition vessels, eco-lodges, and private villas in Galapagos, offer glamorous experiences and adventures.



“Take the highest mountains outside of Asia, add English meadows, Alpine cows, and Amazonian rain forest, and mix with the Spanish and the Incan cultures, and you get some idea of the extraordinary assets of the tiny country called Ecuador. Which is, says Ondine Cohane one of Latin America’s – best kept secrets.”

Ondine Cohane – Condenast Traveller August 2009